• Graphics - Kegtapper Graphcs

    My Passion and lifelong pursuit. My works have been showcased:
    · Denver Channel 9 - Good Afternoon Colorado (interiors)
    · Colorado SOHO magazine (computer graphics)
    · Micrografx - Showcase Artist
    · Oesterreich Rundfunk Sendung Award Winning Nominee for innovation in 3D Graphics- see Univ. of Judism logo
    · Numerous other mentions, but my love is both Electronics and Art I don't want to choose one over another.

    From Interior walls, Logo Graphics, backgrounds and image enhancements. Always seeking to create something unique.

  • Animation

    Street scene of Hip Hop dancer making his moves. Camera angles and lighting adjusted for scene

    Take a look back to a 2003 "Flash style site" when Macromedia Flash was popular. Back then it was considered amazing, but few were ready for the 21st Century early on.

    Click Here to see when I was designing sites as Kegtapper.net after letting Kegtapper.com go. URL's come and go but I decided I'd better keep this one. I wound up busier than expected and never completed all the features. Be sure to click on the services

  • Electronics - The Laptop Doctor

    As a child I was one of those that was always taking things apart. Wondering how things worked and what this part did, and what happens if I check this or that. So aAt an early age 9, I was taking tubes from TV's and running down to Walgreen's to use their tube tester in the back. Back then $7 seemed like a lot for a tube to replace for a TV (plus it was Black & White) but hustling up the money from paper route or selling pop bottles I got the parts. From there to transistors, then VSLI circuits.

    Continuing my education by serving in the military in computers & data processing. After which I went back into electronics. This time I wanted the best. MILSPEC and Air Force certifications. Then getting a degree in Digital Electronics with honors. With over a half million visitors at the blog, much of the information is needed to shared. There are videos available for many solutions, especially HP laptops and common problems.

    SMT Board Repairs
  • Programming - MayoSoft

    An endless field of challenges. The number of languages continues to grow. Starting with Assembly language on 6502/10 in Commodore/Apple/Atari computers to Z80 and Z8000 CPU's there was always something more to be learned. As computers and the internet developed HTML, SWF, CSS, ASP, PHP the acronyms are unending. I wanted to make sure I understood the structure of many of the language as I could -Just in Case I had to use them. That did not even begin to touch on creating executables using C, C++, C#, VB, VBA

    Some of the titles I have either created or worked on.

    MotorCity Software Commercial Software
    Porn Blocker Commercial Software
    Litigation Tracking Corporate Litigation
    RAH Design Center Corporate Legal Dept
    Remote Client Entry Insurance Claims Entry